Eurodib USA, CORTR 110, Panini Grills

  • Selling Units Per Case: 1 ea
  • Commercial Electric Panini Grill

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Upgrade Your Restaurant Operations with Eurodib USA’s CORTR 110 Panini Grill. This commercial electric grill is a game-changer for any restaurant looking to elevate their menu and increase customer satisfaction. With its sleek design and powerful performance, the CORTR 110 is a must-have for any commercial kitchen.

Featuring a selling unit per case of 1, this panini grill is packed with features that make it perfect for busy restaurant environments. Its quick heating capabilities ensure fast and efficient cooking, allowing you to serve up delicious paninis in no time. The CORTR 110’s adjustable temperature control allows for precise cooking, ensuring consistent results every time.

Eurodib USA’s CORTR 110 Panini Grill is designed to withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen. Its durable construction and easy-to-clean surface make it a breeze to maintain, saving you time and effort. Whether you’re grilling sandwiches, vegetables, or meats, this panini grill delivers exceptional results.

Upgrade your restaurant operations today with Eurodib USA’s CORTR 110 Panini Grill and experience the difference it can make in your kitchen.

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