Lincoln Foodservice, 1180-2E, Oven, Electric, Conveyor

  • Lincoln Impinger II Express Oven Package
  • electric
  • double stack
  • includes (2) complete ovens with glass access window

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Precision Meets Kitchen Efficiency with the Lincoln Foodservice 1180-2E Electric Conveyor Oven. Designed for commercial restaurant use, this double stack oven package includes two complete ovens with a glass access window, allowing chefs to monitor the cooking process without opening the door and disrupting the temperature. The radiant finger setup ensures even heat distribution, resulting in perfectly cooked dishes every time. With a power output of 10.0 kW per oven, this electric conveyor oven delivers fast and efficient cooking, reducing wait times and increasing productivity in the kitchen. The package also includes take-off shelves and a high-stand with casters for easy mobility. Whether you’re baking pizzas, toasting sandwiches, or reheating appetizers, the Lincoln Foodservice 1180-2E Electric Conveyor Oven is the ideal choice for precision cooking and kitchen efficiency.

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